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Wedding Cakes 101

Are you one of those recently engaged women and now being asked about your wedding cake? Have you checked various essay writer's wedding cakes 101 and still unsure what to do first?

Well, start with the basics - the size and shape of your cake. If you'll opt to share this cake with you guests, make sure there's enough for everybody. While for your wedding cakes shape it varies, the more odd shaped it is the higher the price.

Aside from the above information, I present to you my personal wedding cakes 101:

Usual designs seen at the wedding reception you could refer from

The most usual design of wedding cakes are those traditional white with icing on top and with a miniature of newly wedded couple in the middle of it. Apart from this, other common designs are round and square shape, with monogram toppers, and those types that complement the theme of your wedding. For flower decorated cakes, the most wanted are roses, pansies and carnations.

Usual flavors or ingredients included by your pastry chef

The most common flavors of wedding cakes that even essay writer posted several times are cheesecake, vanilla, carrot, marble, lemon, rum, chocolate and fruit flavors. You can also add a filling such as white-chocolate cream, chocolate mocha, strawberry, coconut, and custard. Whenever vanilla is not available, chocolate would be the best option. Also, some adds almond cake with apricot cream, hazelnut and caramel.

The most in-demand wedding cakes

For the most wanted wedding cakes it include smooth fondant look cakes, floral patterned, designs with contrasting colors, and multi-tiered type for those prefer lavishly decorated wedding cakes.

Required number of days notice for ordering your sweetest dessert

This requirement actually depends on the type of cake a wedding couple want but the basic allowable time range from two weeks to a month.

Also, to avoid some common mistakes, prepare a list of questions before visiting any of your target bakeries. This will help you a lot and saves you more time.

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